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Mother's Day & Shopping

Mother's Day went well, in spite of everyone being super tired. I woke up extra early after a scary dream from which I could not wake up. I made breakfast for my parents. Mom got two over easy eggs with toast, bacon, and juice, while dad got a cheese omelet with coffee. It was a nice gesture. I'm not the best cook, but I make pretty decent breakfasts.

Tonight I went out and bought flowers for Hilary Catron and Nancy Stein, my two surrogate mothers. This was for a belated mother's day gift. Mama Catron seemed a little pissy, so I think my flowers raised her mood a little bit. Mom and I went over to Nancy's and I was deligthed to see that her parents and sister was there. I love those people. I also got to see midnight and sugarbean!! <3 those two simply love me! Nancy loved the flowers and we all stayed maybe an hour and a half and had the most wonderful chat.

Before all this happened however, Mom took me shelf shopping at Home Depot because I need one to free up space on my desk. I'll put electronics and stuff on it. While we were there, I bought a plant!!! Plants make me happy. They're always pleasing to be around, and they give me someone to talk to. I know, they're not people, but they're great listeners It's a Yucca. I named him Yoko. Yoko the Yucca. He's quite handsome. I shall place him in the sunlight, and water him, and we will have merry times.

I also bought a new blacklight bulb, but more importantly, these amber lightbulbs..to which I will dedicate another post.


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