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true2lifetenor1's Journal

Justin Dunkle
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I grew up in a small rural farming community in south central Pennsylvania, nestled between the Tuscarora and Appalachian mountains. Growing up in such a place has given me a deep appreciation for the outdoors. There's always something new to learn and love about God's beautiful creation. I have two wonderful older brothers and two parents who are rich in the Spirit and wealthy with the currency of love.

I'm an alumnus of Wheaton College, IL. I have a B.M. Performance degree from the Conservatory there, with a concentration in voice. I sing classical music and aspire to have a career in opera someday. Music is my passion and my life.

I support the efforts of To Write Love On Her Arms, and volunteer with the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. I can relate to hurt, pain, and questions.I think we all can. I've struggled with self-injury and suicide in the past, but continue to move forward with life in hopes of a better tomorrow. My past is not something I can physically hide, so I won't try to live like it never happened. I believe that honesty and transparency are easy things to talk about, but very difficult to practice. I pray that, somehow, I can bring hope and healing to others who find themselves questioning the value of life. We are children of light. Let's walk as such and bring light into each other's darkness.