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The. End. (of my sophomore year)

Finally, I am laying on my bed in PA. I've been ready to come back home for some time and it's never felt better to be back.

I was up all of last night getting things ready to go home: cleaning my room, and packing. Cleaning was a pain because I had a ton of glow in the dark stars on my ceiling and it took a while to get them off. I also used illegal adhesive at the beginning of the year and I was able to get most of it off, however I ran out of goo gone and some of it had to stay, so thats fine #1. Fine #2 is the fact that I can't throw out my heap of scrap metal footon (how DO you spell that?) een though I took it completely apart. So I had to find a dump, which I didn't, so I get nailed with a 75 dollar fee. Crap. I've also got stains on the carpet. Tack on fine #3. Fine #4 manifests itself through the chairs we're missing. Crap! 50 a piece. (2) Fine #5 is because someone stole our matress, and the only one we could find had a slash in it. Damn.

My parents wanted to load up at 9:30 am, but we didn't get out of Wheaton until about 1:30. I had my fast food binge today, eating a 10 piece Chicken McNugget, a medium chocolate malt, a small fry, a McChicken, a BK quad stacker, a starbucks coffee, a Hardees Mushroom and swiss and a medium chocolate shake. MMmmmm.

So most of my journey I was sleeping and having dreams. I like it when I remember my dreams. They're pretty interesting most of the time.

My Bidz.com order came in and its really sweet. A silver watch, cool shades, a nice pen, and a calender calculator that functions the same way a slide phone does. It's schwa.

End Transmission.



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