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Home Is Where the Heart Is

Home. It's where my heart is. My home is in Greencastle, Pennsylvania. I used to hate this place. I wanted to get as far away from here as possible. Wheaton was far enough away. But after two years of college, I miss my home so much. I miss my family and I miss my friends. I know that that is not unusual, but I feel that maybe it might go a little deeper for me.

My friends are my lifeblood. They are what get me through the nastiest of days. They are my motivation and the source of my perseverance. I have struggled with suicide, and I have experienced the death of a dear friend. I am beginning to appreciate the fragility and value of life. I am taking every moment as a gift. Diana and Ashley had mentioned celebrating the end of each month. I think it's a wonderful idea. Every day should be a mini-celebration. We don't know what could happen to us.

Diana Catron. My best friend. I know it's not nice to play favorites, but she deserves the title. I cannot count the number of times she has been there for me in my time of need, whether it be offering me words of advice, love, or just holding me. I would do anything for her. And sometimes, I do things whether she likes it or not :P I've found true meaning in "loving someone to death". I strongly believe that a friendship such as ours is a rare one. We Greencastlinians are a specialy breed as Diana herself has said. This community is small and loving. It has its problems, but I love this place. I used to be disgusted with hick culture, big loud trucks, and everything Greencastle represents, but since I've been gone, I have taken a liking to my hometown. This is where I grew up, and after being around a differenet type of community, I have come to the realization that our town is so very special. the people are so different.

I am damn proud to have been raised here. I love small communities because they are so unique! Everyone knows one another, know all the nicknames for little streams and hills. Everyone knows the little nooks and crannies of the back country. We gaze into sunsets, we fish, hunt, and we admire big, loud trucks. We listen to country music and wear cowboy boots.

I simply love the dynamic of Greencastle. We maintain our stereotypes and our variety at the same time. The schools are great and the landscape is amazing. We're small, and nature is everywhere.

I love the country air, cows, barns, and back roads. I love sunsets and mountains.


I love my friends!!!



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May. 11th, 2008 02:22 pm (UTC)
I do love Greencastle too. It's fairly fabulous. I knew that I would miss it and everyone in it when I went away, but it's nice to come home and be home for a little while. =)

And sometimes, I do things whether she likes it or not :P

Yea, you do. Thank you, love. =) I'll see you later today.
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